... _  . __ (its like what you get if you take a 1d section out of the word maze :D)

This is a 1D representation of a 2D maze for the 8 pixel jam. Its not just any maze game so pretend it's Antichamber then you should be fine. There isn't much room in 8px so here is some stuff I couldn't wedge in...


A/D - Left/right

W/S - Forwards or back in the plane you can't see

Q/E - Rotate your plane of vision

M- Mute audio (kinda buggy)

Esc - Exit level

R - Restart level


The first rainbow is a menu. Press D and you will see a selection thing. When you have moved the selection to the level you want to play press W . For another 7 kinda hard levels press E then select as normal (you have to do this every time sorry :P). The white one isn't a level, it's the exit. Oh and get to the yellow pixels. 

THIS IS A HARD GAME unless you rngsus your way through and have no idea whats going on.

Red is you FYI.

Sorry for the terrible sound effects :P

Music: www.bensound.com

Sound Effects: ME


THERE ARE INVISIBLE SWITCHES (example on the first blue level)

You may need to get to 9 and 3/4.

You may get into a situation where you need to restart.

PM for cheat sheet 


The wall in the middle consists of walls that you can walk through if you press W/S into them(if you cant see them). So rotate (Q/E) then spam (W/S) to get to the exit.

These walls appear in the harder levels so have a guess on where they are.

"Not bad" Alex19998282


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Very nice submission, feels much more like a full game than most of the others, especially because you included multiple levels.

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Thanks! And just wondering, what was the highest level u got to before total frustration? It's just there are some mechanics that are kinda horrifc. And do you mean submission to the 8pixel jam XD that was like a year ago

XD it was like a year ago, it was a fun jam though.
I didn't play every level, I think I played 1, 2, 3, the last one, and one other one.  I never got too frustrated-- even though I didn't understand the rotation mechanic, I found the concept interesting and totally different (I love playing games with unusual mechanics)1.  Aside from the last level, I beat them without using rotation, and it was very cool and satisfying to get to the end tile.

On second thought, I don't know if it really was the first level-- it seems like the edges are cut off.  The worst part is not seeing your character because its off-screen


Oh sh*t, I just uploaded it as 'in browser' because no one would download it, I didn't actually test it XD. 2 of the 'pixels' are missing. I'll sort it out soon. IDK how you didn't get frustrated even when you couldn't see 1/4 of the game.

Also there are 16 levels btw  ,there's a second 'page'. If you press q or e on the rainbow menu thing, it goes slightly lighter and there is another 8 even more horrific levels.


Thats a really hard confusing game

Thats what happens when you try to wedge an 8x8 grid Into a line :P

can I ask at what level you started to get confused at

I realize that the squares are not perfectly 1 color but PLEASE FORGIVE ME JUDGE GODS. SMITE ME DOWN FOR MY SINS IF YOU HAVE TO